Need IPv6? Need 6in4? You need Route48.

Route48 is a free, community-driven tunnel broker. We facilitate IPv4 to IPv6 tunnels between you and your closest server to enable IPv4-only users to reach the IPv6 internet. Thousands of people use Route48 globally - you could be one of them.

Route48 and Community Projects

Route48 and it's users have started multiple projects to test systems, develop tools and "for the meme's". Notable Projects will be listed here, and updated periodically.


After the unexpected shutdown of, leveraging the large network of servers from Route48 and personal nodes, with the assistance of many sponsors, Route48 Admins have brought back back to life with MTR.Tools

::/b00b Collective

For the Memes.. The b00b collective are attempting to setup the largest anycast network over multiple ASNs. (Multi-Origin Anycast)
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