Need IPv6? Need 6in4? You need Route48.

Route48 is a free, community-driven tunnel broker. We facilitate IPv4 to IPv6 tunnels between you and your closest server to enable IPv4-only users to reach the IPv6 internet. Thousands of people use Route48 globally - you could be one of them.

About our service

Core features

Free, forever

You'll never have to worry about a monthly bill with Route48. Our core service will always be free for every user.

IPv6 tunnels

Reach the IPv6 part of the internet with simple-to-configure 6in4 tunnels that work with your existing IPv4 internet plan.

Free BGP transit

Open a BGP session with us on your own AS number and announce your Route48 prefixes directly with us.

RPKI/ROA issuance

All Route48 prefixes are RPKI-enabled, you can issues ROAs for any verified ASN from the portal.

Free RIPE subnets

Get your own free IPv6 subnet through our partner, ZappieHost, with complete maintainer control.

... more to come ;) there's more in there,.. but lets get this website pushed! :D
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